Saturday, 10 November 2012

Well said Mr. Porter!

“Personally, I've decided recently that I don't much care if UFOs exist or not, or whether someone claims he can bend a spoon with his mind. I've decided those things are not nearly as dangerous as belief in angels or the inerrancy of the bible or whether a God lives in the sky and has a department that spends its time pulling yours or my strings. It's things like this that are undermining the rat
ional basis of society, and they are going to extend into a lot of areas we've started to take for granted, whether it's the efficiency of our educational system and the nation's productivity, or the right of a woman to have an abortion or even to go out and work. When you pull the shades down on one window and block the light of rationality, the whole house gets dimmer, and soon you get to accept the darkness and eventually the rest of the shades get pulled down.” (David Porter in Earl Doherty's excellent book The Jesus Puzzle)